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Pre-planning a funeral was once considered a bit odd, however these days it is very common. It provides many people with the assurance that their affairs are in order. It gives families the peace of mind that decisions have been made, that finance’s wont be a problem and beyond that, it can provide financial benefits, particularly to some in receipt of a centrelink pension.

The most common option, that of pre-paying, involves placing sufficient monies into a “pre-paid” funeral plan. This provides families with the assurance that funeral expenses have now been covered, hence it alleviates any concern regarding the ability to meet those expenses at some time in the future.

For anyone considering the option of pre-paying, it is important that one understands the principle of doing so. In short, once paid, the pre-paid funds are not retained by the funeral director. They are passed on to a trustee, where the funds are held & managed in an approved funeral fund. When the time comes and the funeral arrangements are carried out, the funds are then released by the trustee, directly to the funeral director, to meet the cost of funeral expenses. It is important to acknowledge, that funeral funds & their trustees are strictly regulated under the Corporations Act 2001 & Life Insurance Act 1995. Monies held within these funeral funds have a capital guarantee, supported by the solvency reserves of the trustee.

Other forms of pre-planning may simply involve leaving a record of your preferred choices with us. This enables your family/executor to carry out your instructions, in the knowledge that your wishes are being followed.

If you feel that pre-planning may be for you, we are here to assist & guide you through the different options available to you. Use our experience to help you find the solution which gives you the greatest peace of mind.


Funeral Expenses

How much does a funeral cost?  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer…

A funeral and its total cost is determined by the many choice’s that need to be made. Firstly, a choice of burial or cremation, of church or chapel or graveside service, maybe no service at all, your choice of coffin, choice of floral arrangements, of advertising where necessary (newspapers/radio), minister or celebrant fee’s, transport costs where necessary, statutory certificate’s, etc

Generally speaking, funeral expenses for burial are more expensive than that of cremation, largely because of the extra cost of burial sites & grave-preparation fee’s. For example, the average total cost of a funeral service including burial within the Cowra Lawn Cemetery is approximately $9500, inclusive of Council cemetery fee’s. For cremation, the average total cost of a funeral service with cremation is approximately $7200.00 (Cowra funeral service with private cremation).

For minimum cost, a  'no service/direct cremation'  may be a preferred option. This is currently available at $4690 inc GST (Includes the transfer of the deceased person to our mortuary (within 50kms), an mdf cremation capsule, crematorium fees, funeral director fee’s, statutory certificates & transfer to the crematorium).

As mentioned, the cost of a funeral is the combined result of many choices.

It is our goal to assist you in the process of making the most appropriate choice’s

for you & your circumstance’s.…

Information standard for funeral pricing , click here


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